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Vehicular Negligence — Accident Claims Defense

Auto accidents make up a significant percentage of negligence-related lawsuits. For businesses, insurance companies and other defendants, these claims present a significant risk. Unless properly handled, they can undermine your business objectives and profitability.

At Adam & McGrevey, P.A., a defense-focused litigation firm in the Kansas City area, we represent insurance carriers, businesses, trucking and transportation companies, and other defendants in negligence-related accident claims.

A Strategic Approach To Preparing A Litigation Plan

We take a thorough approach to every vehicular negligence claim, beginning with an in-depth investigation of the accident. Our legal team works with experts in various fields to gather, identify and interpret key evidence.

We will also develop a litigation plan tailored to fit your needs. Through careful analysis, our lawyers will provide thoughtful recommendations on such issues as the potential venue, the scope of discovery and the likelihood of obtaining a favorable outcome through out-of-court resolution. Additionally, we will evaluate available defenses to liability in terms of strengths or weaknesses.

Formulating A Strategy Geared Toward Your Success

Our personal injury defense attorneys are, first and foremost, trial lawyers with extensive commercial litigation experience that spans decades. We stand on a long legacy of success in the courtroom.

However, we recognize that trial is not always the best course of action. If settlement is a viable option, we will vigorously negotiate for your interests, providing an informed analysis and recommendations regarding proposed settlement agreements.

Please call our Overland Park office at 913-647-0670 or send us an email to get connected with our litigation team. Our attorneys are licensed in Missouri and Kansas, and we serve clients headquartered across the country.

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